• What is DAPP?

    A decentralized application is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. Dapps have been mostly popularized by distributed ledger technologies, namely the Ethereum Blockchain, where Dapps are often referred to as smart contracts coding.

  • What is a smart contract?

    Smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. A smart contract is the most trustable way to run a DAPP without any mistake.

  • What is Energy?

    Energy Package is a unique fast Decentralized Exchange for converting Ethereum to CMMO and CMMO to Ethereum. Best part of this exchange whenever someone will buy or sell CMMO token same time transaction fee amount will be distributed among all the CMMO holders as per their holdings. All transactions are traceable on Etherscan.

  • How to Community Moneys work?

    Community Money will use Blockchain Etherum to build the Token CMMO distributing community which is based on Mining Poc algorithm. COMMUNITY MONEYS focuses primarily on safety, transparency and systematization to bring finance and entertainment to people in the community and globally.

  • What is CMMO?

    CMMO is the basic token of COMMUNITY MONEYS

  • Is this a real thing?

    Yes, COMMUNITY MONEYS Smart contract and CMMO Tokens are built on the Ethereum Blockchain. They are real on the Etherscan network.


    Yes. a lot of time went into refining and testing COMMUNITY MONEYS contract to make sure your tokens are safe. Internal functions of the contract are not accessible to the end user. COMMUNITY MONEYS release entertainment Dapps including Jackpot, Cashfish, Cryptocurrency Exchange in the beginning and will constantly update new games to serve the growing demand of the community.

  • What do I need to buy into this Mathematical Strategy Game?

    You need to install MetaMask Mobile app Android Android IOS IOS and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

  • How maximum dose Energy Package cost in USDT?

    The developer has a functional algorithm to update the maximum Energy Package value at each time to match with the sustainable development strategy of the ecosystem.

  • How to calculate the price of Energy Package when buying via ETH?

    The "Energy Package" value is calculated at the time when ETH deposit transaction is confirmed on blockchain. From deposit time to the time when transaction is confirmed, if the ETH price increases, the value of the package will increase, but if the price of ETH decreases, the value of the package will decrease and reduce by no more than 3%. If the price fluctuation exceeds 3%, the Deposit order will fail, ETH will be returned, the user needs to re-active package.

  • What is System Wallet and Interests Wallet?

    As soon as you activate the "Energy Package", 800% of the value of package will be added to your "System Wallet" and 200% of the package value will be added to "Interests Wallet" at the first purchase (But from 2nd purchase onwards, "Interests Wallet" will be added 100% of the package value. As far as "Mining Wallet" is concerned, it will receive 0.4%-0.6% the value of "Interests Wallet" every day. The "Interests Wallet" will decrease each day after deducting the amount flowing through the "Mining Wallet" of the previous day. System Wallet is the back-up fund used when you develop your community.

  • How to use "Mining Wallet"?

    Every day "Mining Wallet" will receive 0.4%-0.6% of the Interests Wallet's energy until it receives 100% of the value of the package. You can use Mining Wallet to mine the CMMO token or to purchase the Energy Package.

  • How to get CMMO token?

    You can only own CMMO token by exploiting with the energy at Mining Wallet or buying directly from others.

  • How we pay for Ranking Bonus?

    Ranking Bonus is automatically added to Mining Wallet with Smart Contract when the account is eligible.

  • What is Difficulty Mining?

    The process of mining CMMO tokens will have an increasing difficulty over time based on the minimum or maximum value of "Mining Wallet" to be able to perform a mining or a transfer. You can use up to 1000% of the value of "Mining Wallet" compared to your own "Energy Package" to mine CMMO Tokens from the 60th day since the first CMMO Token is mined.

  • How is the database of COMMUNITY MONEYS?

    The entire Database system is stored directly in Smart Contract and is transparent to all people.

  • What is the algorithm of COMMUNITY MONEYS?

    POC (Proof of Contribution) - This is a mining token algorithm based on the "Certificate of Dedication" when locking ETH into "Reserve Fund" value for CMMO token.

  • Is anyone can withdraw these Ethereum from Reserve Fund?

    The Reserve Fund is not managed by any individual or organization, it contains all of the ETH valued for the CMMO token and is locked by the terms in Smart Contract without anyone interfering even COMMUNITY MONEYS developer

  • How to get ETH out of Reserve Fund?

    The only way to get the ETH out of the Reserve Fund is to swap the CMMO token into the Smart Contract, which means that it will eliminate the number of CMMO that are circulating on the market.

  • How Swap CMMO Token work?

    The Reserve Fund is used to guarantee the minimum value for the exploited CMMO Token as well as the CMMO Token which will be mined in the future. Therefore, we will have a maximum 24-hour Swap limit with at least 100 ETH per day and an incremental automatic limit calculated according to the proportion formula with the growth of the fund. This is to ensure, even if the Reserve Fund does not increase, it will still have enough to swap for a very long time.

  • What makes CMMO Token so special?

    Holding onto CMMO Tokens means you are continuously being distributed "free" Ethereum every single time any other user of the exchange buys, sells or transfers CMMO tokens. Many holders often report earnings between 0.01%-2% of their holdings on a daily basis, though this fluctuates heavily based on transaction volume.

  • Can the contract be drained or exit scammed?

    The Ethereum you enter into the system isn't being held by any person or group. The Ethereum in the exchange is handled only by a production open-source Ethereum smart contract.

  • Why did I not receive my tokens? Why is my transaction still pending?

    Please give it a few minutes for the transaction to process on the blockchain. If it still is pending, try increasing the gas limit on the transaction.

  • Why don't my CMMO Tokens or USDT values load on the Exchange website?

    Please ensure you have logged into Metamask, and turned off any Ad Blockers that could interfere with the exchange. If you have multiple wallets, make sure you are logged into the right address.

  • What is the benefit for token holders of trading funds?

    Trading profit will distribute among all the holders.

  • How long I can hold my tokens?

    You can hold as long as you want and enjoy dividends

  • What is minimum and maximum holding amount?

    Minimum one token maximum no limits.